Speaking Kit:

Working with you for a Keynote:

Roxanne understands that your event’s success is your success and you want to achieve specific goals. 
Roxanne’s Event Commitment


  • Discuss the overall objectives of the event. This information will assist her in providing some tailored examples that will resonate with your audience and further focus the keynote.
  • Gather information to gain insight into your organization, products, people, and challenges.
  • Ensure you feel confident that she will assist you in executing a seamless event.
  • Provide you with introduction, equipment requirements and any set-up requirements well in advance of the event. She will also try to work with your limitation the best she can without limiting the impact of her address.

During Event

  • Arrive early enough to do a sound check that is not disruptive to the event.
  • Arrive a minimum of an hour and a half prior to speaking. If the event is a conference, she will often arrive the day before, or in plenty of time to meet the audience and hear previous speakers in order to incorporate major themes.
  • Stay after the talk to answer any further questions.
  • Make contact information available for further discussion.
  • Give a high-energy presentation that challenges thinking, while respecting your cultural uniqueness.
  • Stay within your schedule.

Roxanne’s Availability

Please let us know the date of your event, and we would be happy check our availability. If we, however, feel we are not the right fit, or we are not available, Roxanne would be happy to recommend a suitable fit.

Roxanne’s Fit

She prides herself on giving you her best every time. Roxanne is happy to discuss what your objectives and expectations are for your event and the speaker. Her primary goal is to make sure she is a fit for you. Her secondary goal is making sure you are a fit for her, meaning Roxanne wants to ensure her style and a message will achieve your objectives. Roxanne has a discussion with you so together you can evaluate if one of her keynotes will fit with your association, not-for-profit or corporate mandate.