Dedicated to her Community

Dr. Reeves brings vitality, compassion, and enthusiasm to her busy life and is dedicated to her community. She is particularly interested in promoting literacy and learning for all ages. As patron, committee member, speaker or board member, Dr. Reeves’ was and continues to be actively involved with numerous local, provincial and national organizations including, for example, the national board of the Learning Partnership, as vice-chair of the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation, or as a founding board member of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

Dr. Reeves has also championed fundraising campaigns and awareness campaigns. She has acted as the honorary chair for the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation and supporting the creation and the program and process evaluation the New Brunswick Peer-to-Peer Adoption Support Mentoring Network.

More specifically, as Vice-Chair of the NB Adoption Foundation, Dr. Reeves contributed to efforts that led to a 400% increase in adoptions, and various legislative changes. As a board member of The Learning Partnership, she played a key role in the execution of various initiatives. These include Take Our Kids To Work, Turning Points, Entrepreneurial Adventure and Welcome to Kindergarten. Read in this article by Theresa Blackburn, editor of Ageless.