Roxanne Reeves lectures in the Faculty of Leadership Studies (RC), at the University of New Brunswick. It is the first and the oldest undergraduate leadership degree program in the country and is located in country’s oldest English language University. Many firsts happen at UNB — #UNBproud! Are you currently one of my students at UNB? If so, then welcome. This page is for you. “I am passionate about learning. I believe learning has little meaning unless it helps us learn in ways that are sustained and substantial, and that have a positive influence on how we think, act and feel beyond the university’s walls. In my classroom, I prefer to involve my students in a creative thinking process. My students ought to gain long-term payback from their time with me. A difficult teaching issue, but an important aspect of leadership, is the ambiguous, uncertain, and sometimes contradictory nature of leadership problems. Accordingly, the teaching of static facts rarely finds a place in my classroom. Instead, I believe that I will serve my students better by teaching you how to define a problem; grapple with ideas, rethink your assumptions; examine your mental models of reality; decide what you need to solve problems; find and evaluate new information; stretch your limits; and be prepared both for change and to change. – Dr. Reeves

– Dr. Reeves

When Asked to Describe Dr. Reeves   | Students Replied:
  • Honest
  • Available
  • Enthusiastic
  • Understanding
  • Relatable
  • Invested
  • Energetic
  • Concerned
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
Why Students Continue to Nominate Dr. Reeves
  • Teaches skills and professionalism I can take with me into the work place.
  • Very straightforward—you know what to expect.
  • Incorporates open discussion after the lecture.
  • Always makes the lecture entertaining and the class enjoyable.
  • Available to help outside the classroom.
  • Connects what we’re learning to the real world.
  • Treats each student as a person, not a number.
  • Welcomes us into her home.
  • Provides study tips and helps students when they struggle.
  • Provides detailed feedback when you miss points.
  • Takes a personal interest in students beyond the classroom.
  • Goes the extra mile to make sure you know what you need to know.
  • Uses challenging assignments to push students beyond their comfort zone.
  • Believes in students and helps them succeed!

What Others Say

Emilie Chiasson“When reflecting on my personal and professional exchanges with Dr. Roxanne Reeves. Dr. Reeves tirelessly worked to contribute to the betterment of students’ educational experiences, while simultaneously supporting them in the achievement of their personal and professional goals.

She worked tirelessly to contribute to the betterment of students’ educational experiences, while simultaneously supporting them in the achievement of their personal and professional goals. Dr. Reeves’ content expertise and organizational and effective communication skills were greatly appreciated, as they enabled students to excel and clearly understand course objectives. Not only that but when Roxanne Reeves is instructing, she incorporates innovative ways of learning and injects enthusiasm into the subject matter.

Dr. Reeves’ teaching scores of 97.25% for approachableness, 97.25% for providing a positive learning experience and 94.45% for subject knowledge, similarly reflect her strength as an educator and her ability to align perfectly with the needs of her students. I know these scores because I nominated Dr. Reeves for the esteemed Alan P. Stewart Excellent in Teaching Award! Each and every day, Dr. Reeves places her best foot forward to enrich the lives of those who she interacts with. Fortunately for me, I was one of those people.” – Emilie Chiasson