About Dr. Roxanne Reeves

Roxanne’s many accomplishments and lessons learned along the way led her to discover the techniques business leaders, professionals, educators and young people can use to redefine what is possible in their own lives and careers.

In coming to know Roxanne, you will learn that her energy is contagious, her stories are priceless and she has a passion for living life full throttle giving her a depth of perspective that is real and authentic.

Some say her smile and can-do spirit is irresistible.

Some say she’s “whip smart”.


Informed by her direct experience with stigma and learning disabilities, “smart” is not a label Roxanne is fully comfortable with.

While walking to quit her undergrad program for the 4th time, a chance conversation with a woman who worked at the University Learning Disability Centre changed her life. I said I was “stupid”; she told me why I wasn’t.

According to Roxanne, “ultimately, being diagnosed – in my thirties – de-shamed and demystified what was wrong with me. It was only then that I began to thrive in a world dominated with letters, pages and books. That accidental meeting changed my life. I’m the accidental doctor really!”

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In addition to lecturing, speaking and consulting, she is an award-winning researcher. This year, the 
International Mentoring Association bestowed their highest award to Dr. Reeves for her research on corporate work-place mentoring for high-potential employees and for her research on mentorship and newcomer immigrant entrepreneurs. Roxanne is recognized as a thought leader in her field. Her witty, warm and incisive presentations will draw your audience in and leave them well informed, inspired and ready to act.


She spent the better part of the 90s working overseas, primarily  in Japan.

Over those years her diverse scopes of work, as an agency model, a stained glass artisan, and etiquette consultant, overlapped. “Every day was adventure, struggle, frustration, fun… and the best sushi ever.”

The power of family pulled Roxanne back to Canada. The first 15 years of the millennium were devoted to family and, as a former 
First Lady for the province of New Brunswick  community and political commitments.


As an academic, Roxanne has presented and published her work at provincial, national and international levels. She also holds a number of professional affiliations. She is a Ph.D., a former LHTNB Fellow and  MITACS Doctoral Fellowship recipient. Her academic work can be found in, for example, the book seriesUncovering the Hidden Cultural Dynamics in Mentoring and the International Journal of Coaching and 
. She is a contributing author in the fourth coming edition of the Handbook of Mentoring; Sage Handbooks represent the best thinking from top scholars from around the world. She is also a reviewer for the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring. Roxanne has recently partnered with Progress Magazine. Look for her columns on mentorship there.

Leadership Development and Training Programs Include: